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The container platform for
performance sensitive workloads

Enabling and securing your performance critical applications from the core, through the cloud, and out to the edge.

Sylabs™ offers a set of capabilities to the market that lowers the barrier of entry for enterprise teams tackling AI and other performance sensitive application workloads, while enabling absolute secure mobility from the on-prem core, through the cloud, and all the way out to the network edge.

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Guaranteed Secure Mobility

We have created a solution which encapsulates an application environment completely so you can run it anywhere, at massive scale, with 100% trust, accountability, and security.

Enabling Mobility
Global Distribution of Workloads

DevSecOps: Injecting Security into DevOps

  1. An application is built, encrypted, signed, and encapsulated into a Singularity Container on a developer’s workstation

  2. SIF™ is signed by the security team(s)

  3. The container image is pushed into a centralized distribution point (Sylabs™â€™ offering)

  4. When downloaded it is verified as a trusted source, validated by the security team's key fingerprint

  5. The container is capable of being used while encrypted, protecting the contained IP

Driving Performance Critical Workloads out to the Edge

  1. An AI model is built, trained, signed, and encapsulated

  2. The container is pushed to Sylabs™ Container Library

  3. The trained model is distributed to K8s and/or Edge

  4. Contents of the container are verified

  5. The workload is securely executed on GPU enabled resources

Edge Compute

This distribution model scales to extreme levels of worldwide edge devices

Singularity is the Container of Choice for
Performance Critical Applications

Singularity is currently used by academia, government agencies, national labs, biotechnology, oil and gas, aerospace, EDA, and many other industries.

US Energy
Open Science Grid
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