RIKEN’s Fugaku Utilizes Sylabs’ SingularityPRO

Sylabs is proud to announce that the world’s fastest supercomputer, RIKEN’s Fugaku, has selected SingularityPRO:   SingularityPRO offers the team at RIKEN the widest range of supported scenarios for their researchers to secure applications via Singularity Image...

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Singularity: Scientific containers for mobility of compute

Here we present Singularity, software developed to bring containers and reproducibility to scientific computing. Using Singularity containers, developers can work in reproducible environments of their choosing and design, and these complete environments can easily be...

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Singularity: Containers in HPC

Singularity: The Inner Workings of Securely Running User Containers on HPC Systems This presentation will provide an in-depth look at how Singularity is able to securely run user containers on HPC systems. After a brief introduction to Singularity and its relationship...

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Singularity Containers for Reproducible Research

This webinar was presented by Paul Preney (SHARCNET) on February 14th 2018 as a part of a series of regular biweekly webinars ran by SHARCNET. The webinars cover different high performance computing (HPC) topics, are approximately 45 minutes in length, and are...

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Sylabs Brings Singularity Containers into Commercial HPC

Tech startup Sylabs Inc. has emerged from stealth mode and released Singularity Pro:   Back when Singularity was just getting off the ground, the idea was to create a container technology that would be optimized for the kinds of performance-demanding environments...

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