Singularity Enterprise

The initial investment for containerizing production environments is exceedingly minimal. In transitioning proof-of-concept investigations into production use cases, and in addition to increased levels of committed resources, it soon becomes evident that ancillary services are required to ensure the success of production deployments. For this reason, Sylabs™ has developed a portfolio of three hosted services to ensure Singularity containers can be easily created, secured, and shared in order to better enable production use.

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Fully integrated with the Singularity command line, available via the Internet or customer hosted, these container services are seeing rapid uptake from savvy organizations seeking to rapidly accelerate adoption and use of containerization in their data centers, clouds, and even at the edge.

Singularity Enterprise is a product and services bundle that includes:



The enterprise-grade offering of the popular open source software designed by to be sustainable over the long term, SingularityPRO comes with the highest assurance of quality and stability, as well as dedicated support.

  • Create, secure, share, and make use of Singularity Image Format (SIF™) files from the SingularityPRO command line through authenticated use of the container services via API tokens

Remote Builder

  • Build containers in the SIF™ without requiring privileged access on shared resources

  • Use in conjunction with a CI/CD pipeline to automate deployment


  • Establish and maintain a chain of trust that follows SIF™ files throughout their entire lifecycle

  • Sign and verify Singularity containers via cryptographic keys to ensure the authenticity and integrity - whether those SIF™ files were created within the enterprise or provided by some external source

Container Library

  • Produce and share Singularity containers within your organization while maintaining a versioned history to satisfy audit requirements

  • Capture corporate memory in a highly reproducible fashion by decoupling applications from their toolchains, thus eliminating the dependency upon a specific Linux distribution or kernel

  • Proactively address legal to regulatory requirements that demand reproducibility over the long term

Coming Soon...

  • Support for Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) or Active Directory as an additional means of authentication

  • Role-based access control (RBAC) support