What is Singularity Enterprise?

Remote Builder

Give teams the ability to build Singularity containers on a centrally managed resource pool, without granting elevated privileges. Increase productivity by allowing native container builds on the same hardware as your high performance compute resources.

Container Library

Enable teams to share and discover Singularity Image Format (SIF™) images within your organization. Control access with role-based access controls (RBAC). Proactively address legal and/or regulatory requirements that demand reproducibility in software applications.


Establish and maintain a chain of trust in Singularity Image Format (SIF™) images throughout their entire lifecycle. Sign and verify Singularity containers via cryptographic keys to ensure the authenticity and integrity, whether they're created within the enterprise or provided by an external source.

Includes SingularityPRO

Your Singularity Enterprise subscription includes SingularityPRO, our enterprise-grade container runtime. SingularityPRO integrates seamlessly with Singularity Enterprise, making it easier to build, share and secure Singularity Image Format (SIF™) images.