Training Videos, Event Talks, and other exciting videos from Sylabs™.


Hands-On - Creating and Running Software Containers with Singularity - Eduardo Arango (Sylabs)

Talk - What’s New in Singularity 3.0 - Dave Godlove (Sylabs)

LiCO and Singularity - Driving the Convergence of HPC & AI - JJ Falkanger (Lenovo)

System Telemetry and I/O Profiling for Cloud Migration and Containers - Rosemary Francis (Ellexus)

Talk - Combining VMware vSphere w/ Singularity Containers - Mohan Potheri (VMware)

Talk - PMIx: Bridging the Container Boundary - Ralph Castain (Intel)

Talk - Best Practices for Containerizing InfiniBand - Parav Pandit (Mellanox)

From Containerizing Testbeds for HPC Applications to Exascale Supercontainers - A. Younge (Sandia)

Talk - Singularity CRI & Singularity Plugin Support - Michael Bauer (Sylabs)

Talk - FuncX: A Function Serving Platform for HPC - Ryan Chard (Argonne National Laboratory)

Talk - Managing large-scale cosmology simulations with Parsl and Singularity - Rick Wagner (Globus)

Talk - Enabling Generalized GPU Support in Singularity - Derek Bouius (AMD)

Using Singularity to enable scalable interactive workflows - Francesco Pontiggia (Harvard)

Building a Testing Infrastructure for Singularity - a Complex CGO Project - Eduardo Arango (Sylabs)

Talk - Managing and/or Orchestrating Containerized Workloads? - Ian Lumb (Sylabs)