Singularity Wins 3 Hpcwire Awards At Sc18!!!

By Staff

Nov 19, 2018 | Blog, News

Singularity won three HPCwire Awards last week in Dallas at SC18.

The first and second awards combined for a sweep of the “Best HPC Programming Tool or Technology”, as Singularity was the sole choice for both HPCwire readers as well as editors in this category. Tom Tabor, CEO of HPCwire’s parent company and publisher Tabor Communications, related in person to us just how unusual such a category sweep was, with HPCwire readers and editors independently making their assessments. Singularity previously received accolades from HPCwire readers in winning this award in 2017.

In winning the “Top 5 New Products or Technologies to Watch” this year, Singularity completed ‘the three-peat’ as HPCwire has bestowed this honor upon the software for three years in a row. What’s significant with the 2018 recognition however, is that for the first time this was the readers’ selection, whereas in 2016 and 2017 it was the HPCwire editors who were responsible for singling out Singularity. We believe this signals a very important shift regarding the maturity of the software – a point we’ll return to in a future blog post.

From a single award in 2016, to two awards last year in 2017, to three this year, it is truly gratifying to witness the recognition Singularity continues to receive – recognition that identifies it as the the most appropriate way of containerizing the compute-driven workloads that characterize HPC and Enterprise Performance Computing (EPC).

Increasing recognition for Singularity aside, this year’s awards were extremely special for at least two other major milestones: not only does SC18 mark the 30th anniversary of supercomputing’s main event, this year also marked the 30th anniversary of HPCwire itself. Both of these are remarkable achievements that point to the staying power of technological innovation at the frontiers of scientific and other compute-driven disciplines.

Three awards for Singularity. 30 years for SC and HPCwire. 2018 was all about the threes. We are humbled and delighted to be working with the open source community to deliver award-winning software at a truly significant time in the history of HPC – HPC inspires! In looking beyond these 30-year milestones for HPC, award-winning Singularity continues to evolve – promising standards compliance, integration with Kubernetes, and more via its roadmap. The bottom line here is a fairly obvious one: there’s never been a better time to embrace Singularity as the obvious choice for containerizing your HPC and EPC workloads. Join us!

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