SingularityCE 3.9.0

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Nov 16, 2021 | News

We’re very pleased to announce the release of SingularityCE 3.9.0!

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Coming six months after the Sylabs CE 3.8.0 release, 3.9.0 brings a wide range of new features, fixes, and quality of life improvements. Headline changes include Docker/OCI compatibility improvements such as a simple --compat mode, experimental support for nvidia-container-cli GPU setup, and support for systems using Cgroups v2.

If you haven’t read them already, check out our recent blog posts for more detail:

You can also review what’s new in brief in the changelog, or the 3.9.0 release notes. Some behaviours and configuration options have changed, so please read the notes carefully before you update a production installation.

Documentation Improvements

In this release cycle we’ve also taken some time to rewrite portions of the admin guide and user guide, so that they are clearer and more comprehensive. Discussions of SingularityCE’s architecture & security features, Docker / OCI compatibility, and GPU support have all been significantly improved.

The guides hosted at are now automatically built and published from the GitHub repositories, so they’ll stay right up-to-date with contributed changes. If you’d like to contribute improvements to the documentation please take a look a the instructions on the admin guide repo and user guide repo.

3.10 and Beyond

As we discussed in our most recent SingularityCE Community Call, the next version of SingularityCE will be 3.10, rather than a 4.0. Looking at the list of requested features and ideas on the public roadmap, we believe that we can deliver many of them without the potential disruption to users of a major version upgrade. As we work through the 3.10 release cycle we’ll be reaching out to the community, floating further ideas, and honing the feature set of a future 4.0 release. We want to ensure that SingularityCE 4.0 is truly driven by user needs, and that any changes bring big benefits to your workflows.

Thanks to the Community!

Many thanks to every one who uses SingularityCE, contributes bug reports, ideas, and code. We really do value any and all feedback, whether it’s on GitHub as an issue report, in the Slack channel, or via the Google Group / mailing list. We hope to see you in these venues, and on our next community call.

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