The Singularity Image Format (SIF) Selected as a Finalist in the HPCwire Readers’ Choice Awards

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Oct 6, 2022 | News

SIF receives honors as a “Best HPC Programming Tool or Technology” in the Annual HPCwire Awards


Sylabs, the global leader in providing container technology and services for performance-intensive workloads, today announced that it has been selected as a 2022 finalist for HPCwire Readers’ Choice Awards. These annual awards are a way for colleagues in the HPC industry to recognize the best and brightest innovators within the global HPC community. 

Each year, HPCwire asks its readers to reflect on their personal impressions and select their choices for the year’s top HPC accomplishments, tools and technology. Editors and distinguished luminaries from the HPC community select the finalists looking for the projects with the most relevance to HPC use cases and applications.

Having been developed and maintained by Sylabs and the Singularity community as an open source project since its inception in 2017, and with strong, unceasing development happening to this day, The Singularity Image Format (SIF) has become the de facto container file format for HPC. It is the most widely used container format across HPC workloads, including integrations from Sylabs, Red Hat (Podman), and Apptainer (with utility extending throughout each of their respective user bases). The format is now supported by Anchore’s SBOM utilities of Syft and Grype.

“Sylabs is very proud to see the Singularity Image Format (SIF) selected for this honor. It’s a testament to the work that our community has been doing and is still doing to support the HPC community at large,” said Adam Hughes, CTO for Sylabs. “Sylabs is committed to maintaining SIF as a familiar, HPC developer focused tool, and on providing a first-class experience for the researchers, scientists, and engineers who are engaged in using it for their performance-intensive workloads. These people rely on Singularity for the flexibility to package their HPC applications and libraries and move them to different systems and hardware environments without breaking. At Sylabs, our priority will always be around enabling the work being done at the speartip of computing so that the people at the high-end can have peace of mind that they will be supported on these giant systems.”

To vote for the Singularity Image Format (SIF) in the HPCwire Readers Choice Awards, please visit the following URL:

About Sylabs

Sylabs is the global leader in providing professional tools and services for high performance container runtime technology. Sylabs makes high performance computing more accessible to researchers, scientists, and engineers using Singularity, the most advanced open source container runtime technology for performance-intensive applications and environments. As the most active contributor to the Singularity ecosystem, through both the community edition and Sylabs’ enterprise-supported and professional implementations, Sylabs is dedicated to enabling cutting-edge research and facilitating rapid scientific discovery to solve some of humanity’s greatest challenges. For more information about Singularity runtime technology, including SingularityCE (Community Edition), Singularity Container Services, SingularityPRO, and Singularity Enterprise, visit

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