Sylabs Partnership With Atos Expands Singularity Container Utility to Enable Spare Cluster Monetization for HPC Centers

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Nov 16, 2022 | News

Sylabs Partnership With Atos Expands Singularity Container Utility to Enable Spare Cluster Monetization for HPC Centers

Reno, NV – (November 15, 2022) – Sylabs, the global leader in providing container technology and services for performance-intensive workloads, today announced that the Singularity container runtime suite, including SingularityCE and SingularityPRO, is now being supported in the Nimbix Federated supercomputing suite, a set of flexible and secure high-performance computing (HPC) solutions that provide customers with added agility for their compute-intensive workloads. Through the collaboration, users of the Nimbix Supercomputing Suite will have access to Singularity containerization features, providing wide containerization utility, enabling expanded consumption models, and enhancing the ability for research institutes and high-performance computing (HPC) centers to more easily monetize spare cluster capacity.

Singularity is an open source container platform built for the needs of performance-intensive applications, use cases and environments. Leveraging the power of the Singularity Image Format (SIF), it provides a means to create and run packages of contained software with all their relative dependencies for highly portable, reliable, and secure computing across systems with ease.The Singularity Image Format (SIF), developed and maintained by Sylabs, has become the de facto container file format for HPC, including integrations from Sylabs, Red Hat (Podman), and Apptainer (with utility extending throughout each of their respective user bases). The format is now supported by Anchore’s SBOM utilities of Syft and Grype after a collaboration between Sylabs and Anchore.

Launched earlier this year, Nimbix Supercomputing Suite is a set of flexible and secure HPC solutions available in an as-a-service model, including a novel approach for the federation of large-scale machines and clouds along with managed services to enable collaborative scientific computing. With the addition of new containerization features, public and private infrastructure operators utilizing Singularity can now access federated supercomputing to connect with and leverage outside resources through the Nimbix Federated service.

“Atos’ expansion to make Nimbix Federated Supercomputing compatible with Singularity is a new and important milestone for helping customers integrate their HPC workloads in a comprehensive as-a-service approach, and we’re excited to partner with Atos in helping these organizations achieve and adopt the process more easily,” said Adam Hughes, CTO, Sylabs. “In working alongside Atos, Sylabs continues to make HPC more accessible to researchers, scientists and engineers alike.”

“Atos Nimbix was first to the market with containerized, federated HPC-as-a-service and are pleased to add support for Singularity alongside our existing cloud-native OCI runtime options. We’re excited to continue raising the bar in accessibility by giving operators of research-oriented clusters a simple path to plugging into a containerized HPC federation,” said Leo Reiter, CTO and Technical Director, Atos-Nimbix HPC Cloud.

The most current version of the Singularity container runtime is available via the SingularityCE 3.10 release with download and documentation information available at

A preview of Nimbix Federated Singularity is available now. For more information on Nimbix Supercomputing Suite, visit

About Sylabs

Sylabs is the global leader in providing professional tools and services for high performance container runtime technology. Sylabs makes high performance computing more accessible to researchers, scientists, and engineers using Singularity, the most advanced open source container runtime technology for performance-intensive applications and environments. As the most active contributor to the Singularity ecosystem, through both the community edition and Sylabs’ enterprise-supported and professional implementations, Sylabs is dedicated to enabling cutting-edge research and facilitating rapid scientific discovery to solve some of humanity’s greatest challenges. For more information about Singularity runtime technology, including SingularityCE (Community Edition), Singularity Container Services, SingularityPRO, and Singularity Enterprise, visit

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