Pyro: A Comprehensive Pipeline for Eukaryotic Genome Assembly

By Staff

May 10, 2023 | Media

Pyro: A Comprehensive Pipeline for Eukaryotic Genome Assembly introduces a groundbreaking tool that can significantly advance our understanding of genetics and contribute to vital scientific discoveries. Pyro offers a comprehensive pipeline for assembling eukaryotic genomes, paving the way for better understanding of genetic diseases, development of novel treatments, and enhancement of crop yields and food security.
Utilizing Singularity in combination with Snakemake, Pyro is highly efficient, parallelizable, and scalable, making it easier for users to reproduce and share results across different computing environments. Singularity’s security and optimization for high-performance computing (HPC) environments make it the ideal choice over other container technologies, accelerating scientific breakthroughs and enabling efficient use of research funding.
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