Solution Brief:

SingularityPRO™ and Singularity Enterprise on HPC Infrastructure

Singularity running on HPC platforms provides a secure and repeatable method to package applications and their dependencies into a single file that is cryptographically verifiable to ensure reproducibility. Singularity’s simplicity allows seamless integration with GPUs and interconnects common to high-performance computing (HPC) environments. Running SingularityPRO™ on HPC server platforms expands SingularityCE’s open-source capabilities with commercial support and access to a growing value-added container ecosystem.

This white paper illustrates the business drivers for adopting container-based software models and the capabilities built into the SingularityPRO commercial offering, the Singularity Enterprise set of workflow tools and the ecosystem of tools around the Singularity Image Format (SIF). It also addresses how Singularity container technology running on X86, ARM, and Power 9 platforms solves the challenges of parallelized AI, deep learning/machine learning, and data analytics workloads on large clusters—all without compromising security or privacy.

This solution brief contains the following key insights and more:

  • Typical use cases for SingularityCE and SingularityPRO running in HPC environments
  • The benefits of SingularityPRO for mission-critical applications
  • An overview of the integrated services included in Singularity Enterprise’s Remote Builder, Container Library, and Keystore

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